About The LCT

In January 2009, an open community housing meeting, chaired by the Parish Council, brought interested locals up to date with the outcomes of the Parish Housing Survey, and introduced the concept of Community Land Trusts (CLT).  A steering group was duly formed (the Crosby Ravensworth Housing Steering Group) comprising County, District and Parish Councillors, along with interested representatives from the community. The remit of the group was to explore the provision of local affordable homes via a Community Land Trust.

In August 2009, the Lyvennet Community Trust (LCT) was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee.


As stated within the constitution the objects of the LCT are as follows:-

… the support or promotion of any charitable purpose for the benefit of the community in the area of the Lyvennet Valley incorporating the parishes of Crosby Ravensworth and King’s Meaburn (the ‘area of benefit’) and any or all of the following:

  • the provision of affordable housing for those in local need
  • the advancement of citizenship or community development;
  • the advancement of environmental protection or improvement;
  • the relief of those in need by reason of youth, age, ill health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage;
  • other purposes recognised as charitable under the existing law and any new purposes which are similar to another prescribed purpose.

Legal status

The Lyvennet Community Trust began as a company limited by guarantee (Company House – Company Reference 06996964 – Registered 20th August 2009) and is now also registered as charitable with the Charities Commission No. 1139327

The inaugural meeting of the LCT was held on 20 August 2009. The Memorandum of Association and Articles of Associationoutline the operating  rules of the LCT including objectives, powers, liabilities, membership, meetings, votes, trustees and accounting procedures.

Our application for charitable status was approved and the LCT is now a UK registered Charity.

‘Area of Benefit’

The area of the Lyvennet Valley incorporating the parishes of Crosby Ravensworth and King’s Meaburn


Directors are elected once a year at the Annual General Meeting. The 2009-2010 Directors are:

  • Bird, Roger
  • Ferguson, Susan
  • Graham, David (Chair)
  • Henderson, Douglas
  • Holroyd, Stephen
  • Kindleysides, Annie
  • Raine, Joan
  • Smith, Cameron (Treasurer)
  • Smith, Christine

Watch for posts on AGM information.

Download the form to request membership here.

Registered Office address

Lyvennet Community Trust,

Hall O’The Gate ,

Crosby Ravensworth,



CA10 3JP

Correspondence address

For general correspondence, please contact:

The Chairman
at Registered office address above
To contact us regarding membership or donations, please contact the Treasurer.


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