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LCT Housing Allocation Policy (8th February 2012)

LCT Housing Allocation Policy (8th February 2012)

The LCT Board has now approved the Housing Allocation Policy – 2012 02 08. The policy has been developed to ensure priority is given to local applicants.

The social housing under construction is aimed at applicants who are unable to buy or rent open market properties in the Lyvennet Area.

The Allocation Policy is split into three sections:

Criteria 1, 2 & 3 which must be met by all applicants.

  1. Inability to afford open market outright purchase or private rent
  2. Ability to afford an LCT home
  3. Suitability for applicants needs

Criteria 4 to 9 – will be used to further determine priority between one applicant and another. Applicants scoring the maximum points will be given priority.

  1. Local Connection
  2. Employment
  3. Residence
  4. Contribution to the community
  5. Statutory Homeless as assessed by Eden District
  6. Current Accommodation

Criteria 10 will be used where one or more applicants score identical points from criteria 4 to 9.

  1. Length of Wait.





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