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Work has now started on the Stoneworks – 17 May 2011

Work has now started on the Stoneworks – 17 May 2011

Work Begins At Stoneworks Site!

Work Begins At Stoneworks Site!

We got an all clear from our bat experts early last week who stated there was no viable bat roost present on site. So after 28 months of work our contractors have finally started work on the site. The first phase of work of work involves the removal of the asbestos cement sheeting from building roofs and walls.

Once this has been completed the buildings will be demolished with the steel and old machinery salvaged. All concrete, blocks and blacktop will be crushed for re-use on site.

Our building contractor, Atkinsons, from Penrith are registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme which aims to improve the image of construction through management competency, efficiency, awareness of local environmental issues and most importantly neighbourliness

For anyone who gets the local paper, the “Herald”, you will have seen the article about “Ivor Goodsite” visiting Crosby Ravensworth primary school. Ivor is the Considerate Constructors Scheme mascot and he went along with representatives from Atkinsons and the LCT to introduce the children to site safety and the dangers of demolition and building sites.

Atkinsons are keen to work with the school during construction and intend arranging at an appropriate time site visits for the children.

For anyone with primary school children Ivor has a website at


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