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LCT To Present At National CLT Conference In London’s Savoy Place

Community Land Trust Annual Conference 2011
Savoy Place, London on 10th May

The LCT has been invited to deliver a workshop at this year’s National CLT conference in London. A film on our work was shown at last year’s conference.

From the conference agenda you will see there are some eminent speakers including a video speech by the Rt Hon Grant Schapps MP, Minister for Housing and Local Government, Pat Richie, Chief Executive of the Homes & Communities Agency and Lord Matthew Taylor, Chair of National Housing Federation.

The LCT appears twice on the conference agenda:

1) Seeing is believing : Beyond housing with Lyvennet CLT
A five minute film on the work of the LCT introduced in the conference agenda as follows:
“2010 has been an incredibly busy year for Lyvennet CLT and they have achieved an enormous amount since their formation in August 2009. Get an update on the housing site they now own, the plans on the community buy-out of the pub and other activities”

To view this 5 minute film follow the link below

2) Breakout session –  All you need to know about CLTs

Andrew Williamson, Chair,
CLT Supervisory Board
David Graham, Chair,
Lyvennet Community Trust
Catherine Harrington,
Coordinator, National
CLT Network

The workshop detail : Do you know what a CLT is? Do you know the key steps to setting up and running a successful CLT? This session will tell you all you need
to know about CLT’s in a nutshell.

The conference is to be followed by the National CLT Network AGM.
The LCT is a member of the CLT Network which aims to ensure the right conditions for growth of CLTs through lobbying and influencing of key partners, including Government, and the provision of resources and training for groups such as ours.
To find out more information go to:



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