Posted by: lvcpnews | October 13, 2010

Update on Affordable Housing and Pub projects – 13th October 2010

Update on Affordable Housing and Pub projects – 13th October 2010

The attached update document LCT Parish Update – 2010 10 08, was utilised to inform attendees of LCT progress at the recent Community Planning / Big Society update meeting held in Crosby Ravensworth village hall on 8th October.

We have been extremely busy with the affordable housing project lining up the myriad of registrations and requirements required for the scheme to progress. We are currently working towards a slightly more relaxed 1st April 2011 start on site.

The pub has proved more difficult, with the expected interest in the community buy-out from outside the community not materialising. We have however finally found a potential route to funding, thanks to our Big Society involvement. We are about to commence a three stage application process with Community Builders, a social enterprise funder, with the hope of obtaining grant / loan funding to plug the financial gap. Part of the process involves a detailed feasibility study and the development of a business plan. The Development Trust Association as part of the process will hopefully provide financial and expert support throughout the application process. Yet again there is a deadline date this time mid March 2011.

The LCT are struggling to deliver both these projects and would be overjoyed if further volunteers were willing to come forward and help.


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