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Big Society – 28th August 2010 The Lyvennet Community is now part of a vanguard group for the Governments ‘Big Society’.

Big Society – 28th August 2010
The Lyvennet  Community is now part of a vanguard group for the Governments ‘Big Society’.

We have a real opportunity to deliver our community aspirations; whether housing, school holiday club, provision for young people or improved communications, with the help of some very influential new found friends.

We are looking for volunteers to help drive forward some of your issues. Please contact a member of the LCT or Parish Council. Any help or support would be welcome. Remember you highlighted 45 issues through our community plan.

Lets make good use of this opportunity to the benefit of the Lyvennet Valley.

What is the ‘Big Society’ ?

On 19th July, David Cameron announced that the Eden Valley, along with Liverpool, Sutton and Cheam (Greater London) and Windsor and Maidenhead (Berkshire) were chosen to pioneer the Big Society initiative. The Eden Valley comprises three groups: the Lyvennet Valley, Heart of Eden and Upper Eden Community Plan Groups.

In David Cameron’s words:

The ’Big Society’ is a concept: Big Society is not a programme with an official, a budget, officers etc; it is a concept, an approach and an attitude of mind.

It is about giving local people the power and money to run services.
It aims to empower local people and communities by building a “big society that will take power away from politicians and give it to people”.
The concept will result in the “biggest redistribution of power” ever seen from Whitehall to local communities.
A “huge culture change” would help people to help themselves and their communities, rather than relying on the government.
“We need to create communities with oomph – neighbourhoods who are in charge of their own destiny, who feel if they club together and get involved they can shape the world around them.”
Communities will receive advice from dedicated civil servants so they can overcome any legal problems or bureaucratic setbacks.
Local community leaders will receive special training to become Big Society organisers, encouraging neighbours to participate in the initiative

Empowerment, support, advice and help are but a few of the words being used. All of these can help us deliver our projects.

How is the LCT involved ?

We are leading on two community projects; the affordable housing and pub rescue.

Who are the Key players ?

Core Group – The Core Group involves representatives from the three Community Plan Groups, in our case Annie Kindleysides along with representatives from Eden District Council, Cumbria County Council and Action with Communities in Cumbria (ACT). The Core Group will act as the conduit to Rory Stewart.

Rory Stewart, MP – Rory is the project sponsor. He will represent the Eden Valley group locally and nationally to the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and Number 10.

Department for Communities & Local Government (DCLG) – The involvement of this key Government department is being led by a Dr Proven. Their role is to assist by removing unnecessary bureaucracy and providing specialist advice in support of the various initiatives

Eden District Council (EDC) – EDC’s role is to advise on legal positions, and potential legal obstacles; to manage the concerns and expectations of public at large in the vanguard and other communities; to focus on the three vanguard projects and support in any way; and to look at implementing a monitoring and evaluation process, whereby lessons are learned through the process.

This last element is really important and involves co-ordinating a stream of work focusing on how the good practice and support can be rolled out to other areas in Eden and nationally to other rural areas.

Lyvennet Valley Community Planning Group – The Community Planning Group has reformed and will meet regularly to help promote the other projects and issues. They will work with DCLG and Eden DC on as many projects as can be handled.

Without further Community Support we will not be able to maximise this opportunity. If you have an interest or simply think you could help please give one of the LCT group or Parish Councillors a call.

Lyvennet Community Trust (LCT) – To continue to drive forward the affordable housing, pub rescue and any other projects that we as a group undertake on behalf of the community. Involvement with the ‘Big Society’ should help remove some of the barriers and bureaucratic processes we have been experiencing over the last 18 months.

Community – We need to take this opportunity, a once in a lifetime for the Lyvennet Valley area, to get involved and support some of the other issues highlighted through the Community Plan process. The LCT is only progressing the housing and pub, there are another 40 opportunities and more volunteers would be helpful.
‘Big Society’ Bank – The Government is setting up this specialist bank to help social enterprises, charities and voluntary groups. This will be a financial body like any other bank but with a specialist focus and will utilise the funds from dormant bank and building society accounts believed to total between £60 and £500m.
What next ?
Representative of DCLG are visiting the groups on 31st August, for a 2 day fact finding visit. This will involve examination of how the projects put forward by the Community Groups and the wider communication project will be addressed and will then lead to a group of Central government experts in the relevant fields being assembled to assist us with our various initiatives.
The Lyvennet Communality Planning Group has already provided a list of the top 10 issues, as follows:

  • Exploring the viability of an Anaerobic digestion Plant
  • Affordable homes to ensure ongoing viability of community and community services
  • Provision for youth (11-18)
  • Completing/ Updating village halls in Kings Meaburn, Maulds Meaburn, Crosby Ravensworth and Regill
  • Crosby Ravensworth 1st Responders
  • Lyvennet Lunch group / exchange
  • St Lawrences Church renewal and renovation
  • Buthchers Arms community pub
  • Lyvennet Nursery expansion
  • Lyvennet Out of School Childcare
  • The Future

Over the next 4 months work will be primarily focused on setting out the detail of all our issues. Delivery should look to begin in the Spring with a fairly intensive first year and work continuing for years two and three.

This will not in any way slow down progress on the two LCT initiatives, the housing and pub. The LCT group continues to forge ahead.



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