Posted by: lvcpnews | July 2, 2010

Ministerial Visit 24th June 2010

On 24th July various key local and national figures met at the Crosby Ravensworth village hall for a working lunch followed by presentations on our Community plan, LCT (affordable housing and pub rescue) and anaerobic digester schemes.

The attendees included:

  • Nick Hurd MP, Government Cabinet Minister for Civil Society
  • Rory Stewart MP, Penrith & Borders
  • Liz Meek, Director GONW, Government Office North West
  • Dawn Roberts, Cumbria County Council
  • Kevin Douglas, Chief Executive of Eden District Council
  • Karen Bowen, Chief Officer CVS, Cumbria Voluntary Service
  • Bob Clark, Chief Executive CREA, Cumbria Rural Enterprise Agency
  • Roger Roberts, Chief Executive of ACT, Action with Communities in Cumbria

Ministerial visit June 24

The visit was a real coup for the community, and continues to demonstrate that the work we have done with the community plan and our ongoing work on affordable housing, pub rescue and anaerobic digester are creating real interest at both local and national levels. The government are focused on what they call the “Big Society” – the engagement and delivery of services by communities. We are clearly well placed to take advantage of this new initiative.

The visiting group also spent an hour walking round the village visiting the Stoneworks site and Butchers Arms.

The meeting provided a real opportunity to discuss, share experiences and difficulties in moving our various community projects forward with key decision makers. Nick Hurd asked that we provide him with information on the key problems and blockages and also that we keep him informed of progress.

We produced our own press release to support the Cabinet office briefing issued. All the local newspapers had reporters / photographers in attendance along with radio Cumbria and ITV Lookaround.

Ministerial visit


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